The Ruger 10/22 "Gatling Gun"

This is a commercially available kit that converts 2 off the shelf Ruger 22 caliber rifles to a crank operated gun.  This is not a true Gatling gun and is not a Class III weapon (machine gun) but is capable of a high rate of fire.  This can be legally owned by anyone that can legally own a rifle.  Capacity is only limited by magazine size, generally 50 rounds each side.  After the 1994 AWB expired in 2004 high capacity magazines became generally available cheap.  Cost of the kit is about $400 and add the cost of the rifles to that.  I used a pair of "plain jane" blued/wood stock 10/22's purchased new when a local sporting goods store went out of business.  Cost on the rifles was about $145 each and I sold the scope kit that was with them for $20 each and the new wood stocks for $20, final cost on the rifles was a little over $100 each total.  Magazines are very available.  The 25 round stick (single stack) magazines work real well and can be found for under $20 each and will probably get cheaper.  The drums shown in the picture work well and hold 50 rounds (and look cool).  The drums are a little difficult to load but work well.  They are a new product (by ProMag) and available through several of the popular mail order dealers.  I have seen this gun for sale at gun shows for as much as $1800 (no kidding).  A fair price is about $700 or less, depending on condition.  For more than that, I suggest order the kit and build your own.  Scrounge some nice used Rugers and shop for a good deal on the magazines and build your own !!!



Front view

Rear View

This is with the 25 round stick magazines

Santa will bring you one of these if you are good

The sight picture